Picture Effects

Add Animations, Effects, Frames, Animated Elements and Graphics to your Images

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With the eCover Go Picture Effects Engine, you will be able to enhance your photos and images. Choose from a wide range of Picture Effects which are sorted into seven categories. These categories include effects, covers, slideshows, stamps, frames, filters and text.

Under the effects category, you will find up to a 100 different interesting animated and non-animated effects. These include the effects of a picture burning, a picture being placed in a famous movie poster and a picture being drawn.

Under the cover tab, you can choose from up to 56 different magazine cover effects.

Under the slide show tab, you can choose to upload up to 10 images in JPG, PNG or GIF format. You can also choose big, normal or user pic size, or you can customize your own size. Speeds of fast, normal, slow and three second nice slideshow are available for use, but you can also customize the speed at which you want your slideshow to go.

Under the stamps tab, you can choose to either upload a picture from your computer, or uploading an image from a website by simply copying and pasting the URL into the appropriate field. You can do the same thing under the frames, filter and text tabs. Uploading your images is a simple, one-click process. All you have to do is choose the file you want to upload, and click on the “Upload” button.

In the stamp library, you can choose from 25 different categories, which include animals, nature, jewellery and hairstyles. There are 9 different categories in the frame library, which include children, holiday and wedding. In the text tab, you can choose from a variety of interesting fonts, and also change the colour of your text to suit your preference.

The Picture Effects Engine is easy to use and will guarantee satisfaction with the final product.