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With the 3D E Cover Generator, you can choose from a wide variety of professionally designed 3D cover graphics specific to your product. These include covers with reflections, software box covers, CD case covers, DVD case covers, ebook covers, and miscellaneous covers. You also have the freedom of using our Online Graphics Designer, Image Editor, or any other graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Gimp. This allows you to create your own special graphic design.

The 3D eCover Generator also allows you to check the recommended graphic sizes by simply clicking on the cover graphic preview of your choice. Although the given graphic sizes are recommended, you can still use any graphic dimensions you want.

If your graphic includes a spine and top graphic, in addition to the front graphic, you can also upload them by clicking on the appropriate “Choose File” buttons before starting the rendering process. The rendering process of your 3d eCover Graphic will begin immediately after clicking the button to generate your eCover. Should you choose to change to a different e Cover type, you can simply generate a new eCover.

The process of generating your eCover is unobtrusive to your Internet browser as it is generated in the background, leaving your browser free for you to continue using. Unless you choose eCover graphics with reflection or front, spine and top graphics, this process will take up to 90 seconds. The completed eCover will be sent to your browser for you to download it to a computer or other digital media device.