Animate Shapes, Images and Text and export as animated GIF or Flash

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With the Animator, you can create animations with shapes, texts, images and objects with ease. You can also export them in different formats, as flash, processing, Silverlight or animated GIF. The animator comes with many features, including File, Edit, View, Tools, Timeline, Animation and Help.

Create up to 99 frames of animation with different layers. Scrolling through the different frames is simple, as the separate frames are displayed at the top. Frames that are in use will be highlighted in blue.

The Tools consist of recovery and draw tools for creating shapes like squares, rounded rectangles, polygons and circles. The draw tools will also allow you to draw lines, freeform paths, text and images. Grid, Line thickness, colour and fill colour can also be changed as and when you like. The text tool will allow you to customize your text and font size. You can also draw an image or a picture or add a shape like a tree from the library. Under the miscellaneous tab, you can check the history of the tools you’ve used and what you’ve done.

The width and height of the animation panel can also be changed according to your preferences. The frame rate can also be adjusted to suit your specific needs. The preview feature allows you to view your animation as you edit it. Go back to the individual frame you want to edit anytime, by just clicking on the canvas button.

The Animator is easy to use and is designed to help anyone create any type of animations of their choice. Should you be unsure of anything in the Animator, there is always a help button you can click that will give you the information that you require.