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Create Viewers for your eBooks with your own branding and Menu with 3D Flip Book Effect

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With the eBook Publisher, you can publish your PDF eBook as an interactive Flip Book Flash Viewer.

Under the General Settings, you can enter a unique name for your eBook Viewer. Under the Graphic Settings, you can choose a logo image and background image. The logo image appears at the top left of the eBook Viewer, while the background image will be shown in the background of the eBook Viewer. You can upload graphics in either .PNG or .JPG format. The interface colour can also be customized. Under the Size settings, you can choose to input the PDF height and width if you want to define your own size. If you prefer to leave both fields blank, the eBook Publisher will automatically detect the size of your PDF file. Under the Menu settings, you can choose to define a menu title and up to 6 links. The menu will appear at the top right of the eBook Viewer. You are required to enter the full URL in the menu link box.

When you are satisfied with all the settings of the eBook Publisher, you can click on the “Publish eBook Now” button. This will bring you to the next step where you can select the PDF file you want to upload. You can use a PDF of file of up to 2MB. When you are ready to upload the final product, all you have to do is click on the “Upload PDF File” button.

The eBook Publisher is user-friendly and will make sure that the publishing of your eBook is a smooth and fuss-free process.