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The Facebook Cover Designer will allow you to design and create Facebook Timeline, Profile Cover and photo graphics. With the Facebook Cover Designer, you can easily design a facebook cover for your personal account or page.

You can add images of your choice and use the multiple layer feature to have images superimposed on other background images so as to have an eye-catching composite picture. The multiple layer feature is easy to use. Each layer can be edited easily as all you have to do is to click and drag an image on the layer to any desired position on the layer. The individual layers with their images can be seen clearly at the bottom of the screen, so that you can keep track of which image belongs to which layer.

The images can also be cropped and flipped upside down or from left to right so that you can achieve a composite picture to your satisfaction. Should you change your mind about the image that you want to use, images can be deleted and added anytime during the process. Text can also be added and can be customized by changing the colour and the font. The text can also be in bold, italicized, underlined and shadowed. Downloading the cover is quick and easy as all it takes is just one click.

The Facebook Cover Designer is easy to use. Its versatility will enable you to produce quality Facebook Timeline, Profile Cover and photo graphics with minimum use of time.