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The Favicon Generator is a simple to use program that enables you to create icons and add in the links to turn them into a favicon. A favicon, also known as a website icon, can tell others much about your website, as well as give it a distinctive look to make it stand out and easily distinguishable from other sites and makes it an important part of web design. The Ecover Favicon Generator is not only useful when you want to create a favicon for your website; it is also easy to use, thus being user friendly to all.

Simply upload the image of your choice, choose between the various sizes and there you have it. You can make your selection from countless images of various formats such as bmp, jpg and more. The Favicon Generator also tells you about which browsers currently support favicons, as well as providing instructions on how and where exactly to put in your favicon, which a html code will be generated for, into your webpage.

The favicon generated will be of the highest quality and will be used to personalize and brand your website, letting others recognize it immediately which will make your website more popular and easily memorable.