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With the Graphics Library, you can download a large array of graphics, images and photographs to meet your various needs. The Graphics Library is organised into fifty-three categories by subject matter and other headings. Some of these categories include Business, Silhouettes, Certificates, Landscapes, Holidays, Health Care, Office, House Hold, Gift Cards, Flowers and Finance. Most of the images are fully coloured and suitable for advertising and other purposes. Under Business, there are photographs of groups of people in office attire. Silhouettes give the images of individuals in office wear. Health Care provides pictures of health care equipment.

For a more fun look and feel, multiple speech bubbles and assorted copy doodles can also be downloaded. A collection of header graphics is also available for those who want to customize their websites and blogs. There are also Clipart organised into categories for use. Users will find that there are also Ebanners available for downloading for those who prefer a quick and simple way of advertising on-line. The range of graphics or images or photographs in each of the fifty-three categories will go a long way in meeting the needs of users.

Below you can see a few example graphics from the Graphics Designer and Clipart Library.


The Graphics Library is easy to use. Users will find that downloading the graphics, images and photographs is a quick and simple process. Essentially, it is just a two-step process. Just choose a category within the Graphics Library, scroll through the offerings within that category and click to download something of your choice. It is so easy that even a child will learn to use it quickly.