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With the eCover Go Logo Designer, you can easily create and design custom Logo Graphics.

All you have to do is either browse the Category List with premade templates, or create your own one. The logo template library has 21 different categories for you to choose from. These include audio, beauty, finance, nature, real estate, social and sports. The templates are fully editable, and you will be able to change the texts, graphics and background to suit your needs.

You can also customize the font, font size and colour of your text. The Logo Designer features many useful tools. You will be able to input images, shapes and choose from a wide range of premade graphics. The graphics are sorted into three different categories, namely clip arts, silhouettes and speech bubbles. Images and graphics can also be edited, in terms of brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.

You can also check out the individual layers under the layer panel, where you can adjust the transparency of each layer by either increasing or decreasing it. If you decide that you no longer want a layer, all you have to do is to click the “X” button and the layer will be deleted. You will also be able to use a grid when designing your logo, and zoom in and out whenever necessary. There is also a copy and paste feature available to make duplicating images and texts less troublesome.

The Logo Designer is easy to use and will ensure your convenience throughout the designing process, and will guarantee that the final product will look and feel professional.