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The Map Generator is an easy to use program that allows the user to digitally generate maps and create interactive maps that help people know or pin-point their location using different means and landmarks so as to be comprehensible and user-friendly. The Map Generator helps in web design when a website requires users to know specific locations, such as outlet locations or the locations of a company’s headquarters.

The Map Generator enables you to apply exciting hover effects and text to icons in your very own generated map, so as to even further enhance its interactivity and will definitely be a hit with users. If you are in a hurry, one can also make their selection from over hundreds of different pre-made map templates that are simple to use and will leave you spoilt for choice while at the same time, providing organization in your maps as well as to allow you to use your creativity within your means.

One can also choose to add map markers so as to mark specific locations within the map, such as the location of the user and the nearest outlet of your business. This will definitely impress users to see such thoroughness has gone into designing the website and making it user friendly. Customizing the color scheme can also add a personal and creative touch to your generated maps and the color schemes you choose can appeal to different users as well, such as softer or brighter colors for children and darker, more professional looking colors for adults to use.