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Create professional looking graphics and cover templates by using the Graphics Designer. You can choose from a growing archive of Pre-made Templates and access a large library with thousands of graphics, images and photographs. This will save you much time from having to design your own templates, graphics and pictures.

You have the freedom to either load a fully editable pre-made template from our Editable Template Library (Examples below) or create a new graphic from scratch. This allows for flexibility so that your precise needs will be met.

There are only a few simple steps to creating your graphics and cover templates. Firstly, define the canvas size of your graphic, then enter some desired values and add a background. To make your graphic even more impressive, the background is transparent by default, so that you can easily combine different 3D cover graphics for multi-product presentations.

After choosing the background, you can add your own custom texts and contents to give added effect to your presentation. You can customise your text by selecting your font and giving special effects to selected parts. You can make further enhancements by adding effects to shapes, images and other types of graphics. By saving your artwork to a fully-editable source file, you can change your artwork at a later date in case you have a change of mind.

Use of The Graphics Designer will save you much time and energy. It is also created for ease of use and allows for flexibility so that you will be able to create graphics and artwork that makes your presentation superior.