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The QR Code Generator is a program that enables you to create mobile phone readable 2D barcodes that are all the rage now, easily transporting people from an advertisement to your website. You can create QR codes for email, SMS, geo tags and more. The QR Code Generator allows you to customize the code’s background color and foreground color and add overlay images as well to add a personal creative touch. You can also define error correction and QR code size.

The QR code generation process is easy, quick and painless. Anyone can create a QR code within minutes of using the module. The interface is also designed in a simple and efficient manner that is an absolute pleasure to navigate and use. You will not have any issues with the module no matter how technically challenged you are.

A large variety of codes can also be created at ease. These include email, SMS, geo tags and so on. The code sizes are also completely customizable and are entirely up to you to create. All error corrections can also be defined easily using the interface.

This one stop solution will have no problems meeting all your QR code needs whatever they may be. With this module, you can now hop on to this popular marketing vehicle and start generating leads immediately.