Visual 3D Cover Generator

Design and Edit, Move and Rotate Your Cover in a 3D Environment

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The new Visual Cover Generator allows you to create stunning 3D Cover Graphics with ease using the intuitive visual cover generator interface. You can choose to cover ebooks, two different kinds of software boxes, DVD boxes, classic boxes and credit cards.

The front, back and spine of your cover will be displayed flat, as well as on a 3D model, which you can change the angle of with your mouse by clicking and dragging to rotate. This will give you an all-rounded view of the final product.

The visual Cover Generator will allow you to design your cover with ease. You can upload a background image and logo image of your choice, and choose a canvas colour. A text tool is also available for use, with different types of fonts, font sizes, font colours and font outline colours, allowing you to personalize texts. You can also choose to bold, italicize or underline your text. Frame properties such as frame width, frame height and frame colour are fully adjustable to allow you to modify the frame of your text to your preference. Additionally, different types of masks are available, with customizable colours.

The Visual Cover Generator is user friendly and downloading the cover is a one click process. The Visual Cover Generator will help make your covers look and feel professional as there are many customizable features and tools to help with the process. The end result will be a 3D cover graphic that looks superior and will be of satisfaction.